Hussein Koteiche

Since 1959

Established on the breakthrough of fashion in the late fifties, Gant Blanc was founded by Mr. Hussein Koteiche, a visionary individual that reflected his inspiration on the southern capital of Lebanon – Saida, and fulfilled his captivated dream of taste and elegance by creating the most luxurious and innovative men’s clothing and accessories company, that combines the world’s most prestigious and refined brands, in the south city of Lebanon. Our prestigious fashion labels include Brioni, Lanvin, Caruso, Vanlaack, Torras, Lagerfeld, Harmont and Blaine, La Martina, Hackett, Eden Park, Trussardi, Piti05 and more

Fadi & Ali Koteiche

The Co-Founders

Gant Blanc men’s underwear and accessories branch opened its doors in August, 2015, and included a wide selection of high-end brands that share equivalent international standards of quality and comfort, tallying to the Gant Blanc novel collection.

Managed by Mr. Fadi and Ali Koteiche, the two sons of Mr. Hussein transformed the successful brand into an endless icon that conveys the sways of business and the perpetual revolution of fashion.

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